Thursday, October 13, 2016


I've always wanted to see a Chameleon and yesterday I ticked my first. Can anyone tell me what species it is though?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A few birds

We moved out to Forest Park Resort on Saturday.  Rather a cheesy place but it has a large lake and some nice semi-bush and papyrus swampland adjacent.  I'm getting quite a decent bird list and a few good photos.  We checked on our house on Sunday and were very pleased with the progress they have made.  We could well take possession this weekend but will have to buy furniture etc. before we can move in.  Otherwise we are staying here: 0.32088, 32.47485.

A few bird photos:

White-throated Bee-eater

Common Buzzard

Reed Cormorant

Lizard Buzzard

Pin-tailed Whydah
Early this morning I heard the duet of a pair of African Wood owls.  A lifer for me if I can get to see them.

We were fascinated (and a bit alarmed) to watch the dismantling of the immense marquee for the wedding here on the weekend.

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

We have wheels!

We looked at lots of RAV4s yesterday.  The first was a well presented 2-door manual.  The last was a well presented 4-door automatic.  Both about 18 years old.  In between were a bunch of wrecks even I could tell were dodgy.  We decided on the 4-door and handed over the cash today - $US5000.  We leave here for temporary accommodation in Buloba on Saturday so I need to mentally prepare myself for the drive out from Kampala.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

House hunting and a visit to the schools

Yesterday we piled into a school car and headed out to the schools.  On the way we stopped at a potential rental house that staffer Bosco had found for us.  It is close to what we were after with two minor issues - it has no garden and is still being built.  It is one of six 2-bedroom houses in a compound with a shared guard.  You can see the site at 0.326820°, 32.444490°.  We are assured it will be ready for us in 2 weeks - we'll see.  In Google Each you can see we will be in a rural area that is being built on.  Many of our neighbours will be commuting into Kampala each day.

Next stop was the high school (0.325420°, 32.351990°).  This is under construction and is due to open in June.  It is very well designed and built.

One of the three High School wings.

Then we moved on to the Katuuso Primary School (0.305163°, 32.287429°) that has been up and running for about six years.  This is where Jenny will be spending most of her time.  Here we met all the kids, teachers and ancillary staff who made us most welcome.  Again - a great facility with impressive staff.  A highlight was the piggery which makes a considerable contribution to the school operating funds.

A few new birds during the day's travelling included White-throated Bee-eater, White-browed Coucal, Angola Swallow, Palm Swift, Village and Viellot's Black Weavers, Pin-tailed Whydah, Spotted Flycatcher, Bronze Mannikin, African Pied Flycatcher and Northern Grey-headed Sparrow.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Day 2 - Forest Gardens Hotel, Kampala

We arrived yesterday afternoon.  The drive from Entebbe airport to the hotel in northern Kampala was rather stressful although the driver emphasised how we were in a quiet time.  We were in bed soon after dinner and seemed to have slept off the jet lag successfully.  This morning we wandered several km towards central Kampala to a rich people shopping mall where we could buy sims for our phones and a wi-fi hotspot device.  We also managed to get some cash after trying several ATMs.  With these successes under our belt we are taking it easy after lunch with thunder rumbling overhead and Vervet Monkeys in the trees near our cabin.  It will rain most days about midday at this time of year.

Jenny looking for birds at lunch on the hotel verandah.
Tomorrow we will head out to Buloba in a taxi to explore where we want to rent a house.

Few birds here yet.  We are in a nice leafy area so have Ross's Turaco, Plantain-eater, African Thrush and Dark-capped Bulbul and Grey-backed Camaroptera.  An African Harrier-Hawk appeared to be hunting the monkeys.  The sunbirds have eluded me.  Walking this morning we saw Little Swifts, Yellow-billed Kites, Pied Crows and Speckled Pigeons.  Before dinner a wander in the gardens produced two Great Blue Turaco, two Black-and-white Casqued Hornbills and a small flock of Thick-billed Seedeaters.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sad to hear this morning of the earthquake near Bukoba that has killed or injured quite a few people.

Hope all our friends and neighbours are OK.  Such a beautiful little city.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Formerly my blog on birding in Tanzania (2010-11).  We are now off to Uganda in a few weeks for 10 months or so.  I hope to have lots of birding posts and other stuff soon.

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